Entry #1

Holiday Sim

2010-07-28 05:00:48 by whileworking

So happy you guys like Holiday Sim :)))

Holiday Sim


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2010-07-29 17:50:05

Feels good man!

whileworking responds:

happy you like it :)


2010-07-30 03:25:43

Game of the year. all years.

whileworking responds:

oh yeah, tell me more :) - awesome, thanks!


2010-07-30 08:01:54

amazing game very funny aswell

whileworking responds:

thanks a lot!


2010-07-30 16:58:51

haha, that damn fuckin shark keeps comin back 4 more!!!

whileworking responds:

yeah, all the sea-base are belongs to that bloody shark!!!


2010-08-06 14:00:08

You must take some pretty wild vacations because That did not feel like a simulation of any vacation I've ever been on.

Turning cherry red from over-tanning, getting eaten by sharks, winning coins in a sand castle competition, which you then use to win $50 from a lottery machine, and then with that you buy a fishing rod to catch a fish and sell it for $500 that you use to buy a surfboard with which you race across an open ocean with giant single waves coming at you as you jump over sharks... Strange vacation.

whileworking responds:

'SPOILER ALARM* :D - well, it's on you how your vacation will be... you could also spend all the time at the bar ;)


2010-12-23 15:44:10

1981's Sim City is Holiday Sim lol


2011-06-01 18:46:29

THe i game sucks
when in the maze i didnt touch anything and i died


2011-06-25 17:20:43

Can you please read post#4 and fix this cause im not feeling really good right now. But the game makes me satisfied a little but not quite at all. BUT IT DTILL RULES, 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999/5!!!!! OLOLOLO


2012-05-17 00:56:11

How's going the sequel?