Merry Xmas. Santa. RUNNN!

2016-12-16 12:49:16 by whileworking

Heya, it's Xmas, and time for a new Santa Run! And here it is:


This time way more easy and without that freaking time limit, so you can fully enjoy the funny platform puzzle levels.

Check out SANTA RUNNN:

Merry Xmas Y'all,


Meet the Purbalds

2016-05-13 09:38:31 by whileworking


Hello Strangelings,

We are the Purbalds, please guide us home!



BLOCnog now on Apple TV

2015-11-05 10:00:19 by whileworking

we're happy to announce that...BLOCnog

...BLOCnog ( is now on Apple TV!

It's an Apple TV exclusive app, so don't search it on iTunes. You can find it on the App Store on Apple TV.

more infos... on BLOCnog on Apple TV and on its facebook page

Xmas Greetings!

2014-12-21 05:43:45 by whileworking

Hope you'll all have a great time!

If there's any need to kill some time, you can do this with our two new games:

Super Santa Bomber:

Super Santa Bomber

Stroll in Space:

Stroll in Space

Merry Xmas and a Hapy New Year!


Santa Run 2 - Fun and Hard

2013-12-12 11:33:06 by whileworking

Santa Run 2 is out! As funny as challenging, have a ride:



Merry Xmas! :)


Firefarta. Twizz'ed.

2013-10-02 04:38:41 by whileworking

Meet the Twizz'ed Firefarta.

Firefarta. Twizz'ed.

Run Santa Run

2012-12-13 16:22:21 by whileworking

60 seconds Santa Run out now!

Hope you like this hard puzzle platformer :)

Run Santa Run

Merry Schmess Y'ALL!

2011-12-15 14:35:33 by whileworking

Thanks for playing Merry Schmess Frenzy! You are ACE!

Here's a little video of how to play... NOT! (Can you do it better?)

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Sim

2010-07-28 05:00:48 by whileworking

So happy you guys like Holiday Sim :)))

Holiday Sim